✋ Hello, this is Cosine#

Specializing in React and its related ecosystem, I have been constantly trying out various small projects of my own ^_^

⭐ Our favorite small projects!#

If you like or find them useful, please give them a star~

🎧 cosine-music#

A music website for my graduation project, still far from reaching the goal, can only be said to be in its early stages, so I'll put it up first.

  • Front-end using React + Next.js + Typescript + Tailwind, component library MUI
  • Back-end using Express + Prisma + zod + Typescript

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🧰 cosine-toolbox#

Online address👉

🧰Cosine Toolbox🧰 A project built using React + Next.js + Typescript + Tailwind, which collects commonly used tools written by myself/npm or tools extracted from daily project requirements. Here, I try various technical practices.

My own tool project, constantly being developed and improved.


JSON Utility🧰#


  • CSV to JSON: Converts CSV format to an array of JSON objects
  • JS Object to JSON: Converts JS objects to JSON strings
Base64 Utility🧰#


  • Base64 Encoding/Decoding Tool
  • Batch Download of Base64 Images
URL Utility🧰#


  • URL Encoding/Decoding Tool developed at someone's request


A project developed with my teammates during the 5th ByteDance Training Camp~ Developed using pnpm+vite+ts+tailwind, a React component library organized using monorepo. The documentation site is built using Docusaurus.

Campus SNS Campus Community Backend#

Tech stack: Koa2 Node.js Sequelize Websocket, January 2022 - March 2022

A project from the Baidu Front-end Training Camp Advanced Class, with complete campus community functionality and a backend management system. Built with Koa2 + Sequelize, the backend of a powerful project!

  1. Deployed the project to my own cloud server using PM2, configured Nginx reverse proxy to solve cross-origin issues, and set up error logging and log splitting.
  2. Used Sequlize ORM for database operations and implemented user authentication and information encryption using JWT.
  3. Used WebSocket to monitor the number of online users.

I was mainly responsible for the article management, section management, and system management interfaces. It was the first project I completed that was relatively complete~ Of course, it was also relatively immature at the time.

The development documentation for this project is also very detailed~ Because it was the first time I collaborated on a team project, I recorded the basic setup process.

🕘 Currently in progress#

  • 2023/5/26 Graduation project completed~ Getting ready to say goodbye to campus.
  • 2023/4/5 Discovered xlog's treasure trove of blockchain blogs, moving in progress
  • 2023/3/3 Updated the About page briefly^_^ Getting ready for graduation project
  • 2023/2/7 Happy worker bee (x)
  • 2022/9/27 Haven't really taken care of the blog since the internship, getting ready to make a big effort (probably)
  • 2022/5/6 Fell in love with the Shoka theme at first sight, let's go! Immediately switched to this theme.
  • 2022/3/20 It's really difficult to find a summer internship!! Also doing some coding exercises
  • 2022/3/1 The Baidu Advanced Class project is coming to an end, getting ready for spring recruitment and summer internships~
  • 2022/2/9 So, today I built this blog (often forget what I need to do x)
  • 2022/1/17 It's not easy to finish a big project in a week (still working on it, still working on it, procrastinating——) 

📖 Front-end learning achievements#

  • 2023.04 to present Busy with internship, graduation project, ongoing...
  • 2023.01~2023.03 Participated in the 5th ByteDance Training Camp, developed a component library dance-ui using pnpm+vite+ts+tailwind during spare time of the internship, organized using monorepo. The documentation site is built using Docusaurus.
  • 2022.07~2022.12 Internship, learned a lot of things, Next.js, tailwind, recoil, wagmi, recharts, ts, motion, floating-ui...
  • 2022.06-2022.07 Internship, developed company wiki project, etc., exposed to docker, jenkins, Nest.js, vue3...
  • 2022.03-2022.06 Spring recruitment, submitting resumes, finding internships, memorizing clichés, improving skills~~~
  • 2022.02-2022.03 Baidu Advanced Class project, Campus SNS campus community backend interface system
  • 2022.01 Started learning front-end, participated in Baidu Front-end Training Camp, ByteDance Front-end Training Camp, started systematic learning of front-end, read books like "Red Book"
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