❤ My Favourites#

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Because I'm willing to bet my life, I'll give it to you
Did you give me time?
If I can fulfill all your wishes, ah, if I can achieve it
I want to meet you
Wishing upon a star
I have entrusted this wish to the stars


Everyone believes and worships
Truly the strongest and invincible idol
No weaknesses can be found
Holding the first star
The first star resides in you


Walking side by side, we can go far
Let the shadows stretch and make a circle
Embracing each other
That day, in the evening sky, we were still young
Embracing is an adventure, burning the face burned by the fire and clouds
Turning around, smiling brightly

If only lies can illuminate my world#

If only lies can illuminate my world
It's too obvious
It's better to extend the night inch by inch


After many years, return to the starting point
Walking around a few circles
Wasting the long-lost brilliance of youth
Bid farewell to the revelry

【Stardust】Eternal Dream (Cover from Haiyi)#

How lucky to have your company
Crossing time zones, friendship takes root
I may not be the best, but I also want to say
"I understand your thoughts the most"

We, who hold our passion
May seem strange in the eyes of others
Receiving cheers, affirmation, and praise, our eyes turn red
Even the faint fireflies shine


The golden river has steamed and ironed this world, like amber sweet wine
Behind the sunflower fence, you quietly touch my hands
The sunset is too gentle, sweet and thick
I was stunned, and my cheeks turned red
That was the first time I greeted you in my youth, in a hurry
Many years later, it is still deeply engraved in my heart

Madelina Tower#

After school, the neighborhood is already lit up with lights
I don't want to enter the crowd, avoiding the hustle and bustle
Where did the people on the screen go?
Immersed in fantasies, singing along with the music
Who received the rewards? Who fell into a love affair?
Everyone is happy and well, only I am melancholic
If feeling lost, why not dance a dance?
Constantly clamoring and causing a commotion, a micro electric field in the brain

I Haven't Forgotten#

Is it you? On the way home, the moonlight illuminates the flower buds
Is it you? Playing ancient chords, driving away nightmares, accompanying me to sleep
Is it you? Weaving the rainwater above our heads into a blue roof
We made a promise to meet again when we grow up, it will be even more beautiful than now

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